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Western Academy of Beaux Arts 1908      

Applying for WABA Membership

WABA's By-laws require that prospective property owners in the Town of Beaux Arts apply for membership on a standard application form.  Renters of property in the Village are required to apply for guest membership in the same manner as owners, using this APPLICATION_FOR_GUEST_MEMBERSHIP form.  Guest members are entitled to use the beach and participate in WABA activities but are not eligible to vote on WABA issues or in WABA elections.


The application forms refer to several documents:  (1) the Articles of Incorporation, (2) the Bylaws, (3) the Deeds, and (4) the Rules that have presently been adopted by the Board of Trustees of WABA.  You can email the WABA clerk at to get the most recent versions of these documents prior to completing your application. 


Completed application forms should be returned in mail to the WABA Clerk (10010 SE 28th Place, Beaux Arts WA, 98004) or you may return them via email at




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