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Western Academy of Beaux Arts 1908      

About WABA

The Western Academy of Beaux Arts (WABA) is a non-profit corporation that owns and administers the 1,100 feet of Lake Washington shoreline in tpicnic1.jpghe town of Beaux Arts, Washington.  This waterfront area includes a beach, boat moorage, picnic areas, a tennis court, and surrounding woodlands.  This private property was established for the enjoyment of and use by all WABA members and accompanied guests. 

All property owners in the Town of Beaux Arts Village are eligible for membership in WABA and to vote in WABA elections, provided they have applied for membership, and are in good standing with payment of the legally obligated property assessment.  Property owners who are WABA members residing in the Town of Beaux Arts Village enjoy full rights to access to the WABA-owned property known as the WABA beach and commons.  Renters apply for guest memberships, which entitle them to use the beach and commons but not to vote in WABA elections.

WABA sponsors several events during the year.  The first event of the year is the Winter Dinner, usually conducted in January, which includes an all-member meeting to ratify the annual budget and vote in new Board members.  In addition to the Winter Dinner, all residents are invited to the Summer Picnic, a potluck event held at the beach, usually in July.  The Summer Picnic features fun for all ages including a fishing derby, a cake-decorating contest, and other activities.

WABA volunteers also organize races for the Beaux Arts Racing Fleet (BARF).  Races are held each Wednesday evening during June, July, and August, and participants unanimously agree that a good time is had by all! 

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Western Academy of Beaux Arts, and look at pictures from the WABA archives, please visit the WABA Archives page. 

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